Charlotte Shipman photography


Charlotte Shipman is a student photographer who is passionate about capturing the essence of individuals, her photography practice focuses on people’s unique expressions through clothing, style, and aesthetic. Delving into abstract elements- shape, form, colour, and texture- to create compelling visual narratives, ensuring meticulous attention to technical detail in every image.

Exploring identity representation is at the heart of her work, seeking to portray the diverse facets of human expression. Specialising in studio portrait photography and fashion shoots, she is able to merge her skills as a stylist and Adobe Illustrator user to enhance visual impact. Proficient in website design and management, she curates online portfolios to amplify the reach of her photography.

Charlotte has experience in social media management and public relations which complement her photography, aiding in effective storytelling and audience connection. Through assisting, shadowing, and voluntary photography work, Charlotte has honed her craft while developing strong people management skills.

"Photography isn’t just about capturing moments; it's about revealing the unique identities of my subjects through technical finesse and a deep understanding of human representation"

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